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About Truly for You

Always happy to help

Truly for You was created late in 2010 by Kim and Richard Rae.

"We love designing and casting colourful keepsakes that are treasured for many years by the recipient. In today's throw away society we are proud that our items are not discarded but are kept for lifetimes"

Customer service and maintaining high standards are just part of what Truly for You are all about, thousands of happy customers are testament to the service provided.

Based in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, everything is designed from scratch, cast in an ornament grade ceramic-like plaster, before being handpainted in the Welsh studios.  

Personalised Christmas baubles and decorations are the most popular choice, but with Holy Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, Anniversary and gifts for almost all occasions there is something for everyone!

Your special message, for those occasions that mean so much to loved ones, will be remembered forever ...

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